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EQUINOX Battery Replacement

Replace the EQUINOX Series internal Li-Ion battery.

Due to the waterproof design of EQUINOX Series detectors it is strongly recommended you read all instructions prior to commencing the battery replacement.

A video demonstrating the replacement process can be found on the Minelab YouTube Channel at this link: EQUIONX Battery Replacement Video

All Minelab Authorised Service Centres can perform the internal battery replacement if you prefer to have the work performed without possibility of voiding your Control Panel warranty.

The EQUINOX internal Li ion Battery has a warranty period of 6 months from original date of detector purchase.


  • Detector: EQUINOX Series
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 10 mins
  • Hazards: Water Ingress


  • Hex Driver 3mm (H3)
  • Hex Driver 2mm (H2)
  • Needle Nose Pliers


Step 1

Access the battery compartment

Step 2

Remove the battery

Step 3

Prepare new battery for installation

Step 4

Replacement battery installation

Step 5